Q. Does the band offer any additional services?
A. Yes. Our keyboardist Jon Abrams is available to perform solo piano during your cocktail hour. Jon is an outstanding pianist whose solo performance never goes without notice. He's another example of how Rare Form gives your function that flair of excellence you're after.

Q. I'm having my ceremony at the same location as the reception. Can you also provide music for my ceremony?
A. In addition to performing during your cocktail hour, Jon Abrams is also available for your ceremony. He's extremely experienced in this area, having performed for couples of every religous denomination imaginable. His ceremonial repertoire is vast, and he's extremely conscientious in coordinating the event with you, insuring you get exactly the music you want.

Our trumpet player, Mark Berney, is also available for ceremony performances. Mark also has a great amount of experience in this realm. Mark is known for the beautiful, melodic tone he gets from his instrument; the perfect sound to enhance any ceremony.

Q. How many pieces are in the band?
A. The band is an 8 piece band which includes two horns; trumpet and sax. If you are on extremely tight budget, you can eliminate one or both of the horns. However, we do discourage this. Any live performance is greatly enhanced by the presence of a small horn section (trumpet and sax). Also, since the band members enjoy the music more when the horns are on the job you're likely to get a better performance out of everyone. Therefore, to encourage the inclusion of both horns on any performance, Rare Form does not charge any premium on the amount we pay the horn players. What you pay for the horns, goes directly to the players. As a result, the difference in price between our 6 and 8 piece ensembles is very small. In going with the 6 piece ensemble, you'd only save a little, but you sure would lose a lot.

Q. What kind of music do you play?
A. We play most styles of popular music - take a look at our Song List! We can entertain you with sounds from the 1940's to today's current hits.

Q. Does Rare Form play at many weddings?
A. Absolutely! We also play at corporate functions and holiday parties, dances, benefits - all kinds of events! We do, however, play many more weddings than all other types of functions combined. We have posted a sampling of letters from satisfied clients of all types, on the Testimonials page of our website.

Q. How does the band dress for a wedding reception?
A. The men in the band wear tuxes, while Gigi, our female vocalist, wears formal evening attire.

Q. How long do you typically play for?
A. The band typically performs for 4 hours at most wedding receptions. Our keyboardist, Jon Abrams, is available to perform at your cocktail reception before the function, and the band can always stay for an extra half-hour or hour should you decide your crowd still has energy left to burn after the band has performed for 4 hours!

Q. How many breaks do you take?
A. Two breaks during a four hour performance. We'll play during dinner until the entrees are served. After dinner, we'll only take one more 15 minute break during the remainder of the function. Should you decide to hire the band beyond 4 hours, a decision that can be made on the spot that evening, we will take an additional 5 -10 minute break.

Q. What happens when the band takes a break? Does the party stop?
A. Certainly not! Rare Form will insure music is played throughout the evening to keep the party going. We have a large selection of music to play on all breaks to keep your party going strong!

Q. I don't see the song we want for our first dance on your song list? Will you learn a special request?

A. We are happy to learn songs for your first and last dances, as well as for your parents' dances. You can assist us in this effort by emailing us an mp3 of these special songs in advance.

Q. How much will it cost to have Rare Form perform at my function?

A. Pricing can vary significantly depending on where, but especially when, you have your function.

Rare Form is a band that lives and works in the Greater Boston area. If we have to travel beyond an hour from Boston, you'll pay a little more.

In New England, the most popular time for a wedding is a Saturday night from May to September. Any good band will charge a small premium for these times. On the other hand, should you choose a Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, or Sunday afternoon, you should be able to save a little money.

Q. Is it possible to view the band?

A. It is possible, but we do urge caution in this area. The type of clientele that hires Rare Form is usually the kind that wants their function to go off without any hitches. As a result, obvious intrusions from uninvited parties are discouraged; you'd probably feel the same way about your function. To that end, we urge you to contact us for a list of venues that are more amenable to viewing the band discreetly, thereby insuring that party's privacy and saving you from feeling like you're an unwanted intruder.

Q. What time does the band arrive to set up prior to the function?
A. Our typical arrival time is 2 hours before the bands scheduled start time.

Q. Who do I speak with to coordinate the flow of events, introduction of the bridal party, and the special dances?

A. Approximately 6-8 weeks prior to your function date, Donna Driscoll, who is our all around gal Friday, will mail you our Wedding Reception Checklist. This form gives us all the information we need to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Typically, as the weeks, and then days, before the big day tick by, you'll be in touch with Donna to discuss details, and ask the many questions I'm sure you'll have. Rest assured, Donna's extremely friendly manner has calmed even the most nervous of brides. Many of our clients comment on how much they enjoyed working with Donna. We're sure you will also.

Q. I've decided I want to hire Rare Form for my function. What happens next?
A. We send you our Entertainment Agreement which clearly spells out the terms and conditions. Your deposit, typically between 25 and 35 percent of the total charge, is due along with the signed agreement. We appreciate you returning the signed agreement with deposit within two weeks of when you receive it.

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